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Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions:


We have listed below many of the questions that we recieve. One of the most common question we recieve in the valley is " Does Pest control work against scorpions? " In fact we just recieved a request from a lady that used another exterminator for 2 years, finally got feed up with the number of scorpions she was seeing so she asked the guys at home depot what to do and they said there was no scorpion solution. After a little online research she found us. Now she is on her way to a scorpion free home. Countless others have said "Bulwark is the only company that could get rid of my scorpions" Read here about what our customers told the East Valley tribune.


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Are scopion stings dangerous?


Is pest control safe for my family? Is it safe for pets?


How do you get rid of Phoenix Ants?


The Best and Worst Companies of Phoenix...


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